hearts in finals!

my three of hearts in heels, as featured in my previous post, made it to the mochimochi photo contest finals! yay! *does happy dance*

hearts in finals!

my three of hearts in heels, as featured in my previous post, made it to the mochimochi photo contest finals! yay! *does happy dance*


short update on knitting, the universe and everything

i just typed in a comment and thought, hey, this would be a great introduction to my new blog post, so i'll give you an excerpt here:

sorry to be soooo late in replying, i got caught up in offline life... but now it's the ravelympics and i got to be a semi-finalist in the mochimochi photo contest and i just ordered magnificent laceweight yarn and am going to participate in the mystery stole 4 knitalong, so... i'm back! numerous photos will follow. i promise. =)

three of hearts in heels

heehee... well, that's that taken care of. so, i'm back. also, i passed all my exams and everything - i am an official unemployed singer now. ;o) in the following days, i will be posting pictures and stories of my recent knitting and crafting endavours, but now i have to tell you something, because i am just so proud: my three of hearts in heels has made it to the semifinals in the mochimochi photo contest! yay!

so, maybe i can make it to the finals and maybe someone actually reads this and will vote for me, who knows... ;o) if you do, you make me very happy. so thanks.

anyway, on to some olympic knitting as my knitting time is limited these days - i'm taking a singer's master class which takes up pretty much all of the time in the day not needed for sleep (sundays are off so can be used for trying to catch up =)... i'll keep you posted. for real. i promise...


find the fant!

from the patterns at mochimochiland, i knit an elephant. an elephant! i like elephants. they're big and grey and they have a trunk. i imagine it must be lovely, touching the tip of a trunk - i imagine it to be soft and tender and... well, elephant-like.


this particular specimen i gave to my cousin - she chose me as her confirmation sponsor and i try to give her little gifts every now and then. she got this elephant last christmas, but i had forgotten to take a picture of him and when we visited with her family for easter and i saw him sitting there, i asked mr. hippo to snap a few quick pictures of him, hiding in a potted plant, as is fit for easter, i am sure.

fant2 i knit fant, as he is aptly named, from what i think is sock yarn from my grandmother's stash. my granny moved out of her house a few years back and when she moved, she gave to me a few books that had belonged to her husband, two candlesticks and what yarn she had left - it must have been bought a long time ago, because i can't remember seeing granny knit. i do remember a pullover she knit for me, though - it was a bright fuchsia colour and it had a picture of the aristocats knit in at the front, in a lot of colours. it must have been really difficult to make. i would love to knit something like it again. our granny used to crochet, mostly curtains and doilies, i remember it well, she kept her work in a little wicker basket on the kitchen window sill next to the radio. she doesn't do it anymore, she can't see well enough nor work the tiny hook through tiny hoops anymore, but it remember her crocheting and sewing very often. i liked the idea of knitting something for my cousin from the yarn that used to belong to our grandmother.


easter monday

to celebrate the launch of my new weblog and because i'm so proud i (kind of) made it in time for easter, here are a few pictures of my version of anna from mochimochilands "which came first?" reversible chicken and egg pattern, as featured in the current issue of CRAFT magazine....


chick-n-egg 5

i think it turned out fine, though the yellow chicken is knit a little too loosely and if the stuffing shifts, the blue of the egg peeps through a little.... i knit an easter egg pattern, partly because it is (was) easter and partly because they didn't have any white yarn in the kind that i wanted. and i couldn't wait and i couldn't buy yarn anywhere else, because i had. to. start. right. away! AND because the lovely mr. hippo offered to buy me yarn after i had profusely expressed my profound unhappiness of having forgotten to buy yarn for the cute chick-n-egg pattern. i'm sure you'll understand...


gestrickte sachen


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